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Women for Social & Environmental Justice.

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Meet Our Panelists:⁣

@sophfei is a multi-media journalist and director. Sophia puts earth justice at the center of her work, including her recent documentary, shot in partnership with Adidas and Slow Factory, that covered the biggest landfill in the US. ⁣

@aditimayer is a photojournalist, sustainable fashion blogger, and labor rights activist whose work explores looking at the fashion industry through a lens of decolonization and intersectionality.⁣

@asata.maise is a sustainable clothing designer that provides a modern approach to vintage inspired wardrobe staples, choosing to ethically handcraft each piece with reclaimed materials.⁣

@vbiancav is a certified holistic nutritionist and artist. After working at Milk and Nylon, she realized her life mission was to motivate and inspire those around her to take care of themselves, each other and the planet. ⁣

@brittanysiierra is the founder of Sustainable Fashion Forum & Styled Sustainable, the online platform and national conference built to create a connection between sustainable fashion enthusiasts and industry leaders.⁣

@eryn__danielle is the founder of Allies Doing Work, a community driven space for intersectionality, radical accountability and active allyship. Her work is dedicated to integrating social justice work into art, media, and popular culture.⁣

@hanitamarie is a fashion & social activist and CEO & Co-Founder Fashion For All Foundation – a non profit that promotes diversity and equality in the fashion industry through education and empowerment.⁣

@korinaemmerich is an artist, speaker and founder of the brand EMME - she works actively to expose and dismantle systems of oppression and challenge colonial ways of thinking.

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In collaboration with Join us for a Virtual Influencer Roundtable SUNDAY AUGUST 9th, 2-4PM EST, surrounding Black Women and Allies. In hopes of having a better + equal future for all influencers in the influencer industry, dismantling colorism and racism in social media.

During a time where companies/brands are being called out for not representing Black influencers fairly. Black influencers are speaking out on not being paid properly for their influence, being tokenized and finding ways to advocate for themselves .

We will hear from Black influencers and Allies to discuss ways Allies can vouch better for their Black influencer counterparts, to be given equal opportunities . Discussing the dynamics between the two and how they have navigated their visibility through the influencer industry.



Moderated By: @eryn__danielle founder of @alliesdoingwork

@AprilLockhart Influencer/Digital creator and Partnerships at ILIA BEAUTY

@delanique Influencer Talent Manager and Partnerships at Bond Official

@hannahcecillle Creative Producer of Instagram
@alikriegs founder of

@himichelleli  Fashion & Beauty Editor at Teen Vogue

@Skylarmarshai Influencer/Entrepreneur and Social Strategist at The CCNYC

@itsbritneynicole_ Influencer/Entrepreneur, Podcast host and Founder of HerStyle Media